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Lovebirds vs. Budgies Hi there, Can you tell me the difference between lovebirds and budgies in terms of personality? Budgie Moulting! Both live in flocks in the wild and lay eggs in holes in trees, which is also a trait shared by many parrots. i’ve heard stories of budgies getting their feet badly injured by lovebirds after sitting on the lovebirds cage. Re: Conure vs Lovebird I think you will be happier with a green cheek conure, more though is 20 year plus commitment to an intelligent emotional being, that will still need you and your time after you meet and marry and maybe have kids, have a full time job and needs to have a plan if you ever vacation away without birdie.. many common household items can kill em in seconds. I have the opportunity to buy from a breeder either a lovebird or a budgie to hand feed and hopefully form a strong bond. The Budgerigar was first recorded in history by the famous botanist and zoologist George Shaw in 1805. Tips & Tricks, HOW TO STOP A BUDGIE FROM BITING? they’re extremely affectionate birds that should have 2+ hours of engagement outside of the cage every day if they are to be kept as pets, especially if they are kept alone. Lovebirds are capable of melting even the hardest hearts. Display Modes: Linear Mode. Favorite Answer. Lovebirds most commonly make just one sound, but that sound is a raucous and ear-piercing screech and it can be quite deafening, especially in a small room. Also, it is known that budgies are capable of producing a harsher call, but just when they`re scared or surprised. Lovebirds are much more intelligent than budgies, more like the intelligence of the cockatiels, and you usually find they have been hand fed and handled more than budgies. What is interesting, that we can compare even their noise levels. Budgies also will bond to another budgie in preference over a … GC's sex can only be determined by dna testing-Conures live 10-30 years; parakeets & lovebirds 7-15 years. These two birds are similar in many respects, but differ in one important factor: companionship. In this article, we bring you differences between Budgies and Lovebirds to make your decision of buying one of them much easier. Required fields are marked *, As you may have heard, Johnny Depp’s dogs are having to return to the USA, after he flew them in to Australia on his private…. Hello everyone! Next time I get birds, I was thinking about switching to lovebirds. That might make buying a budgerigar a rather more exciting prospect, especially if children are the ones who are involved in the selection process. This green lovebird, with a red or orange face may also be found in a yellow colour form on occasion (known as “lutino”). You understated cockatiels’ tolerance for being held. The common American parakeet is very active and not as easy to tame as an English Budgie. Then you will truly know which one is the best pet for you. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which one I should buy? Both of them are wonderful and loving pets, given the right household, and there are strong opponents on both sides of the argument.When you make a strong relationship with them you will be ready to do anything fo them and you will want to keep them forever as I mentioned before. Linnie vs Lovebird vs Budgie. However, I think others find it the other way around. For example, parakeets and lovebirds, both parrots, are intelligent, playful little characters, but that doesn't mean the two specimens are likely to get along. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. My experience is parakeets are great little companion birds. Here is a brief comparison of these two birds from the perspective of adopting them as pets. If either one is kept with a memory of the same species, they will only be affectionate with a their cage mate unless they were hand fed by the breeder. Now she has two lovebirds, one of which is a peach-faced male she hand-raised. 3 Answers. It’s a short name for a budgerigar – a species of parrot that comes from Australia. This is what I did to put my birds all together and get them used to each other. Yet lovebirds can also become wild if they have not been handled enough before getting into a store and retaming lovebirds takes longer than retaming budgies in my experience. It would be wrong to say that either lovebirds or budgies are better than one another. This is probably the best-known and most popular lovebird species here in the U.S. and maybe worldwide. lovebirds are not persistently noisy, more frequently noisy than a plet and about the csame volume and pitch. 9 years ago. Answer Save. Lovebirds are very pretty and comical, but their voices can be very shrill. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'alenaxp_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_6',119,'0','0']));In terms of care, and observance, therefore, most owners will find budgies easier to cope with this respect. As for lovebirds, I fostered an abandoned bird who was a chronic feather-plucker. Experts disagree over the exact lifespans of these birds, which is normal because so many factors can come into play. Anyone would say that, am I right? The Cockatiel has a lifespan of around 20 years in captivity, while the Budgie Parakeet can live up to about 15 years with proper care. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Lovebirds can be territorial and could become aggressive toward the budgie. To sum up, about this relationship and interaction between birds, it is likely that budgies are the ones who will fit into the scheme far more. !Like and Subscribe for new videos!! Cockatiels and budgies are both parrots, or hookbills, with hooked beaks suitable for cracking seed. u can get 2 or 1 based on ur preference: 1 bird = likes to spend time with u. When we are talking about whether this is a good thing is a personal preference, on the one hand, a longer-lived bird means more responsibility. Cockateils are just as nice as parakeets and better talkers. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. -parakeets are generally much less expensive than gcs-parakeets are sexually dimorphic--the males look different than the females. Broadly speaking budgies can be expected to live for 5-10 years (with 7-8 being typical) while lovebirds may reach the ripe old age of 15. My sil had lovebirds. He was the best bird I ever had. Thanks!!! Reactions: 1 person. Answer Save. by alexdwsn12 » Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:08 am Lovebirds are only nippy in certain situations, such as when they are breeding or if they weren't tame to begin with. Either way, sooner or later you’ll experience this encounter the uncomfortable situation of having to grasp your beloved, trusting pet in your hand as they scream, claw, and bite at you to get away.

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