Misc Animations

AHP4PH – Whats Next Animation

Augmented Reality Lungs

Sheaf St. Tower

Face Sim

VR Lung Conditions

Aspirin Journey

Key Fund Slideshow

Anatomy Scanner

OT House – iPad app

VR Blood

Stylized Characters

DLHE Kinetic Typography animation

Cystic Fibrosis Animations

3D Criminology app

Psoriasis Animation

VR Prosthetics – Leap Motion

Singing Baby

Unity Haptics with the Phantom Omni

Eukhost Advert

3D Brain

Dementia Animation

Star Wars Baby

Football Trainer Concept

Medical Visualisation Showreel 2011

Vocal Chords Animation

Grabbity – UDK Game

Cloud Hosting Animation

Branded3 Animation

Game Of Thrones Photoshop

Kinect Pong


Eukhost Animation

Nursing Course Animation

Forensics Android App

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