Misc Animations

AHP4PH – Whats Next Animation

Augmented Reality Lungs

Sheaf St. Tower

Face Sim

VR Lung Conditions

AHP4PH Motion Graphics

Aspirin Journey

Arm Anatomy Training Using Leap Motion

Key Fund Slideshow

Anatomy Scanner

OT House – iPad app

VR Blood

Stylized Characters

DLHE Kinetic Typography animation

Cystic Fibrosis Animations

3D Criminology app

Psoriasis Animation

VR Prosthetics – Leap Motion

Singing Baby

Unity Haptics with the Phantom Omni

Eukhost Advert

3D Brain

Dementia Animation

Star Wars Baby

Football Trainer Concept

Medical Visualisation Showreel 2011

Vocal Chords Animation

Grabbity – UDK Game

Cloud Hosting Animation

Branded3 Animation

Game Of Thrones Photoshop

Kinect Pong


Eukhost Animation

Nursing Course Animation

Forensics Android App

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